Dina Zuko

My name is Dina Zuko and I am passionate about understanding customer needs, creating products and services based on those needs, and positively affecting the business growth.

I have close to ten years of experience working with requirement engineering, user experience, and service design in the telecom, automotive, robotics, and public service sectors. I also have experience working with strategy, planning and executing goals, and leading projects from early research and concept to the finished product.

My last jobs were in organizations that use the SAFe framework. There I have been collaborating closely with product managers, prioritizing and writing features, and planning for upcoming increments.

Throughout my career, I have become increasingly interested in the business aspect of product development and working with service design to improve business growth. The work I have done lately with pricing strategy and SaaS has been a very interesting experience.

With my broad and diverse experience, I am ready for the next step in my career and to take on new challenges with greater responsibilities.

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