Dina Zuko is a User Experience and Service Designer located in Gothenburg, Sweden, with 8 years of working experience in industries such as telecom and automotive. She is also a writer for the UX Collective, where is writes articles about UX and Service Design.

Dina has a behavioral- and computer science background and has studied at universities like Chalmers and MIT. She has a broad knowledge of UX and Service design covering qualitative and quantitative research methods, service blueprint, user testing, usability, UX design, interaction design, user-centered design, cognitive science, and behavioral psychology.

Dina is a creative person and she is passionate about understanding users’ behavior and motivations and designing user experiences based on insight. Her way of designing is to formulate design hypotheses based on insights based on research, design guidelines, and experience. She tests and validates the hypothesis and iterates that way from early sketches to a refined design.

Dina is also a certified Scrum master and prefers working in cross-functional and autonomous teams.

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