A start-up company wants to offer real estate sellers an alternative to the traditional way of fo selling. Traditionally the estate agent does all the work from interior decoration, taking photos, publishing an ad, showing the estate to potential buyers, keeping track of the bids and helping with the contract.

This startup will provide a flexible solution where the seller chooses if she wants to sell privately or us an estate agent, or something in between. It could be that the sellers need help with interior decoration and the contract but would like to do all the rest herself.

The startup wants to launch its app globally and is being financed by investors across the world.

UX Challange

My main task was to create a generic MVP prototype that could be used to promote the idea and attract more investors. The challenge was to integrate all the desired options like “just checking the market” for sellers that are not sure if they want to sell, providing an estimated selling price based on statistics, choosing between the fast or complete registration of their real estate, with the option of completing it later.

I also had limited access to potential users. I tracked down some people that tried to sell their apartment/house privately and convinced some of them to let me interview them and some to do a usability test the system. Since I am based in Sweden the users were from Sweden or English speaking counties like the UK. I understand that I might have based my decisions on a very homogenous group of users and that the user flow would need to be modified to fit other markets.

UX Solution

When first visiting the website the users are asked if they want to see how much their apartment/house is worth. If they are not interested they can browse available apartments/houses using a map or a list view.

To be able to sell or place bids one most register, and by doing so you create an account where you can see your bids, your ads, messages from sellers/buyers and saved apartments/houses.

The startup is working with some investors in India and Sri Lanka to release the service in that region. A few local UX designers are hired and will continue working with adapting the website so it fits the local market.