At Telia Skanova, there are administrators hired to plan where and how to dig down the fiber in areas where there is no fiber. The fiber administrators calculate the costs and decide whether it is profitable or not to dig down the fiber. they also collaborate with entrepreneurs that do the actual digging and blowing of the fiber.

The fiber administrators work in multiple systems, almost all of them are obsolete, no longer maintained or have not been adapted from working with cables to working with fiber. The administrators copy and paste information from one system to another and manually monitor their orders using, for example, sticky notes on the desk or excel. Some orders are lost and it is difficult to get an overview of all the orders and keep track of them.

UX Challange

My responsibility as a UX designer was to deign one graphical user interface, NetFlow, that would replace all the other interfaces. NetFlow would be connected with the old systems through the backend. By only using one front end the administers wold only need to enter data in one place.

My challenge was to reduce the workload and make the working procedure effective. I needed to design an intuitive user interface that would guide the administrators through the workflow of an order, helping them keep track of what needed to be done next and that way reducing their cognitive load.

The working procedure of the fiber administers was complexed with many conditions, exceptions and tight communication with external parties. By mapping their workflow a complex flow chart emerged.

A flowchart of the process and some early mockups I made with Balsamiq.

Still, the major challenge was to help the users see beyond the current systems, they wanted modern versions of their current systems. Their mental model needed to be modified. For example, I needed to help them understand that some parts of their procedure could be automated and that they would only get a notice when it was finished or failed for some reason. The users needed time to adjust and trust the system, and their own excel-sheets for manual monitoring.

UX Solution

The order in central in NetFlow. The users need to see new orders, assign themselves to orders and work with them until they are either depreciated or the digging and blowing of the fiber is complete.

In the first view that is presented to the user upon login is a list of all his orders, reminders and the logins to the systems in the background. That way the user can get an overview of what needs to be done.

When an order is opened is displays all the general information in the top and the current step in the work process in the middle/lower part of the screen.

Different screens from the final result.